First Steps Discipleship

First Steps is a one-on-one discipleship ministry for those who are new in their walk with Jesus and those who would like to be renewed in their walk with Jesus.
Since July 2022 we have trained 22 adults to be disciples for First Steps Conversations. These disciples in tern have gone through the First Steps Conversations resource with 10 adults in and around the Chapel community. That means 32 adults have experienced this one-on-one discipleship ministry.
Our hope is to keep training adults to be disciplers so we can reach as many people in our Chapel community as possible; in order for us to be able to share First Steps Conversations with those we meet in our community who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
If your are interested in learning more, are interested in partnering with one of our First Step leaders, or want to be notified when the next First Steps Leadership training is contact Pastor Karen at
Next Leadership Training: Sunday, July 28,2024 @11:30 am