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What to bring on your Summer Vacation

Odds are this summer you will be going on vacation. I remember as a child taking three-week road trip vacations. I always enjoyed visiting unfamiliar places and experiencing new things.

As I got older, the most stressful part of preparing for vacation is packing. Since moving to Juneau, I have the wonderful experience of having two free checked bags. You may think this is a good thing. It can also mean, I overpack!

The worst part about overpacking is when you overpack the wrong things. You have two pairs of shorts but it’s fifty outside, and you didn’t remember your jacket. (yes, this has happened to me)

I don’t want you to be ill prepared for your summer vacation. So, I’d like to suggest some things you should bring along on your trip that can refresh your mind and soul!

  1. Bring a Bible. You can bring a physical Bible. I like my compact ESV sword Bible for vacation. But you could also bring your Bible on your phone or Tablet. If you haven’t yet downloaded the YouVersion Bible app, you should. There are tons of devotionals that you can use on your vacation and everyday life.
  2. Bring a journal. Journaling on the plane is one of my favorite things. I love to write out my prayers and taking time at the beginning and end, at the very least, to touch base with my feelings and talk to God in a written way. Seems to always help me process the transitions better.
  3. Bring a book. I recently got myself a kindle for this very reason. Books are heavy, but I never get the time to read in my normal life as often as I would like. So, I love bringing books with me to read. Personally, I love theology and Christian living books. Pack whatever book you are interested in and make sure you make time to read. It’s relaxing and it’s educational. It also helps you achieve #6!
  4. Bring a coloring book Yes, I love my adult coloring book. You may not be creative but bringing a coloring book and some color pencils can be an effortless way to pass hours in the plane. I enjoy coloring books that have verses from the Bible. Pro tip: I usually pick the easiest ones, so I feel more accomplished.
  5. Bring your favorite music I don’t go anywhere without music. Worship music is usually my favorite as I transition from my busy life to the relaxation of a vacation. Music goes with the two activities above. Listening to music that speaks the truths of God to me as I journal or color: priceless.
  6. Plan a no tech day this one isn’t so much of a packing thing as it is making time to rest. You will thank me later! Your day(s) off the grid will be some of your favorites.

Take the time to ask God to reset your heart as you step away from the routines of your normal life. You may find that you gain clarity when you are detached from your busyness. Vacations should refresh us to return to our lives. I hope these tips help you as you take your summer vacation.


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