Setting up a Donation – One Time or Recurring Donation

Chapel by the Lake uses a giving platform called Pushpay to make it easy for individuals to give credit card, debit card, and ACH donations to Chapel by the Lake.

When you click the “GIVE” button, you will be directed to Chapel by the Lake’s giving page. From here you will be able to choose “Give One Time” or “Set Up Recurring” to allow you to either make a one time donation or set up a recurring donation.

For “Give One Time,” you may designate your donation to a particular “Fund” by selecting one from the drop down menu under “Fund.” The default fund selected will be “Tithes.” Once you indicate the amount you wish to give and which fund your gift will go towards, you will be directed to “verify your mobile phone number.” This is part of a process called “Mobile Sign In.

If you choose “Set Up Recurring,” the process is similar. Once you select “Set up Recurring,” you will indicate the amount of the recurring donation, then choose the frequency of your donation, choose the start date of the recurring donation, choose the end date of your recurring donation, and then choose the fund your recurring donation will go into. After you have completed these steps you will be directed to “verify your mobile phone number.” This is part of a process called “Mobile Sign In.”

Once you have signed in, you will be able to enter your payment information on your secure account. Your payment information will be saved to make future payments fast and easy!

Simply follow these steps again to make future donations to Chapel by the Lake.

Mobile Sign In:

Mobile Sign In streamlines your giving by allowing you to create an account via your mobile phone number and sign in with a security code. The way it works is simple: Pushpay will text the security code to your mobile phone, or they can send it via voice call. Once you type in the security code, you will be logged into your own secure account.

You no longer need to remember a password! The security code replaces the need to remember one. Managing your account and giving has never been so secure.

If you wish to sign in via email & password, you will need to create a password. This can be achieved by using the “Set a new Password” link. Please note, this only applies if you have already created an account. You will need to log into your Pushpay account in order to do this. See the instructions below.

Accessing your Pushpay Account:

If you wish to access your Pushpay account, simply go to Chapel by the Lake’s “GIVE” link (as if you are going to give a donation) and click the “Your Account” link in the upper right hand corner of the giving page, then click “manage account.” From here you will be directed to Mobile Sign In, and once logged in, you will be able to access all of your account information.

Your Pushpay account allows you to see your recent giving activity, view all of your transactions, access your giving statements as they become available, change your security settings, edit or delete payment methods, and update your profile information.

Canceling your Recurring Donation with Paypal:

If you have a recurring donation set up with Paypal, you will need to cancel that recurring donation through your Paypal account. Paypal donations will still be possible until mid-March 2020, however we highly encourage you to please cancel your recurring donation through Paypal and create a new recurring donation through the Pushpay “GIVE” link on Chapel’s online giving page.

To cancel your Recurring Donation with Paypal, please take the following action:

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. It should open in My Account, but if not, click the My Account tab.
  3. Click the History sub tab.
  4. Click Subscriptions directly below the date selection boxes.
  5. Select a date which occurred before the subscription was created, and then click the orange Show button.
  6. Any subscriptions you’ve created and/or canceled will be displayed. Click Details for the Active subscription, and all the details for your current subscription will be displayed.
  7. At the bottom of the page click Cancel Subscription, and then to confirm also click Cancel Subscription on the next page.
  8. You then need to go to our website,, go through the Online Giving process and set up a new Recurring Donation using the new “GIVE” button that will direct you to the new giving page.