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March Madness


March Madness

If you are even a casual sports fan you’ve probably heard of March Madness. It’s when the top 68 teams in Division I basketball, battle to be the best college team in the country. It’s not my most favorite time of year, but it gets me through until baseball season starts. But I’m not writing about basketball.

I’m talking about a march madness we all experience. I’m talking about the moment you look at your refrigerator calendar or google calendar, and realize every single day is spoken for. Maybe it’s the Hoop Time practices on your schedule or the upcoming play rehearsals. Maybe you’re looking two weeks ahead at Spring Break and wondering what you will be doing on the days off from school. Hoping, maybe even praying, that the snow stays around for eagle crest to be open over the break.

Although my calendar might not look the same as yours, I too experience March Madness. It’s a time when I am not only planning events for March, April and May. But I’m thinking long term, thinking about the summer and doing a lot of thinking of NEXT YEAR!

We all experience some sort of March Madness! I will probably alleviate mine by watching basketball or baseball or literally any sport on TV.  If you’re a parent, you might take an extra day off work to just relax or maybe book yourself a manicure or go to the spa. If you’re a student, you might be planning to sleep on your break or read a whole series of books.

Whatever your plans are for March. My encouragement is to take time with God. Take a day and spend it reading a book about God, reading the book God wrote or just spending the day worshiping God through song. In our madness let’s take our pain, worries and busyness to God. He after all is the one who can take our madness and turn it into something masterful.

Don’t know where to start with Christian Living books? Here are some I’d recommend…

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