Prayer Chain Members receive prayer requests and pray immediately, then again at their daily prayer time.

Prayer Chain Members should:
  1. Be a member of the church or regular attendee. Exceptions can be made for long standing church members who move away, and have requested to remain on the prayer chain.
  2. Be willing to learn about prayer through classes, reading and application.
  3. Understand and adhere to the guidelines.
  4. Be able and willing to pray daily.Prayer Chain Member Guidelines:

Confidentiality is essential.  It is expected that email addresses are not ‘shared’ accounts – i.e. that it is not a household account that any family member can access.  This is to help ensure that the prayer chain request is not seen by anyone other than the prayer chain member. It is also preferred that email addresses are not work accounts to guard against the common practice of work email being monitored by others during absences – such as vacation. Never share information received via the prayer chain with friends, family, or anyone else.  This cannot be stressed too strongly.  If you have questions about a particular situation, then talk to the prayer chain coordinator or the pastor.

    1. It may be helpful to keep a prayer notebook. Noting the date may be helpful so that when a prayer request has been completed or becomes inactive, information can be checked off.
    2. When you are contacted for prayer: Pray immediately, then again at your usual time.
    3. A prayer request will be active one week unless a specific length of time is indicated.
    4. If you are unable to continue membership on the prayer chain, contact the prayer chain coordinator or church office manager as soon as possible to be removed from the prayer chain list.
    5. A person may be counseled or removed as a prayer chain member by the prayer chain coordinator in consultation with the pastor for not following guidelines.

To join the prayer team please complete the following form

Prayer Warrior Agreement

By Completing this form:
I accept the guidelines to become a member of the Chapel by the Lake Prayer Chain and will adhere to the confidentiality of information received in a prayer request.
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