Covenant Partners

Becoming a covenant partner – our term for “member” – is important not just for Chapel, but even more so for the individual.  Chapel’s covenant partners (members) receive encouragement, support, and guidance that the Lord promises to those who share spiritual fellowship.

Members are “covenant partners” because they “covenant”, that is, they promise and commit themselves to a life of following Jesus as partners with their spiritual brothers and sisters in the family of God – the body of Christ.  Covenant partners dedicate their time, talent, and treasure to bringing the good news of Jesus to a lost world.

The steps for becoming a covenant partner are:

  1. Receive baptism, if you have not already been baptized as an infant or believer.
  2. Participate in the three hour covenant partner class, which explores what it means to be a member of Chapel by the Lake.
  3. Submit a brief written statement of your personal faith in Christ to the Session (board of elders).
  4. Share your personal faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord with one of Chapel’s elders.
  5. Take part in the worship service at which we welcome new covenant partners.