Who are the Deacons at Chapel by the Lake?

We often think of ministers as only a Church’s paid professionals, a small group of experts who run the church. God has a different idea. The paid professionals don’t have time to meet all of the needs of the Church family, so Jesus calls qualified men and women to minister in practical ways to the needs of church members, freeing Pastors and Elders to focus on the spiritual care of the body:  these folks serve His church as Deacons, a word that is literally translated as “servants.”

The office of Deacon is first mentioned in Acts 6. As the burden of ministry grew for the early church, Elders, in addition to prayer, study, leading, and teaching, were also taking on large workloads to serve the needy in the church and handle the administrative functions of the church. As a solution, the Elders appointed Deacons to assist them in these responsibilities.

What do we do?

At Chapel by the Lake, the Board of Deacons ministers to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may be in distress through our three ministries:

  1. Service to individual Chapel members – Celebrating births, delivering meals and flowers, visiting shut-ins, and more…
  2. Service to the Church as a whole – Memorial receptions, serving communion, providing coffee fellowship, and more…
  3. Service to the Community – Making regular donations to local charities and service organizations, making and delivering Thanksgiving dinners to those in need, and more…

We highly value every member using his or her gifts and talents in some kind of ministry to serve other people: there are as many ways to serve as there are people, and an endless array of gifts God gives for service.  It may happen in the church, in the surrounding community or around the world. The gifts God gives and the way we use them to serve are unique to each one of us. The blessing comes when we actually unwrap those gifts and use them to be a blessing to the world.

The Deacons of Chapel by the Lake welcome the opportunity to serve those in need and encourage members to let us know of needs in the Church family as well as to let us know if they have the time and inclination to help us serve.

Through our enduring hope in Jesus Christ, we are reaching out in faith, enfolding with love, and serving with gladness.


  • Stacey Carpenter
  • Bill Dancil
  • Alan Degener
  • Beth Dobson
  • Gwen Rivas
  • Jeremy Schlosser
  • Erica Wilson
  • Mary Bentz
  • Becky Clark
  • Sarah Everett
  • Mary Fuette
  • Geri McLeod
  • Janet Baxter