History of the Log Chapel

Taken from Tourist Greeting Instructions
Rev. Ken Smith, Pastor 1970
1939- Group of women meet at the Hutchinson House in Fritz Cove Rd. Formed Ladies Aids Society. Decided to have a Sunday School for children.
First building consisted of a summer cabin with an added bell tower and subsequent bell. Located at the Y of Fritz Cove rd across the hwy from current location
1949- hwy construction resulted in need to relocate building. Jim DeHart bought current land for $2300. Held on to land despite multiple high offers
1950- Chapel congregation pool together resources to purchase land
1951- Chapel organization effected
Log Cabin and building designed by Linn Forrests.
1952- Construction begins
Logs cut by old Hurlock Egg Farm ( by the old Boy Scout Camp by Thunder Mountain). Total 120 (108 used) logs. Stripped logs and stack for drying.
1953- perimeter foundation dug and poured
1954/55- stacking logs for building construction. Each logo was raised, marked, and individually cut trimmed down by hand only power tool was a chainsaw. All windows cut into the logs after walls constructed
Originally used plumbers Oakum to caulk between the logs. Allows for easy moisture and vapor pressure to move in and out of the building.
1955-1958-finishing of the log cabin
1958- Building dedication
1957/58- Hand and sawn shake shingle roofing
Log Chapel Bell- Gift from House of Hope Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Locomotive bell from the Northern Pacific Railroad
Chapel finished and dedicated in 1958
Majority of construction volunteer labor and skill
1960- ’62- Construction of Smith Hall
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