In addition to the discipleship opportunities that weekly covenant groups (small groups), Wednesday evening, and Sunday morning classes provide, other groups offer fellowship and Christian growth.  These include,

  1. ChapeLadies: All women are invited to participate in this group as they fellowship, serve, and study together. Contact Donna Rasmussen for more information
  2. Men’s groups: Chapel men are invited to take part in any of these groups
    • Friday morning: Breakfast at 6:30 in Smith Hall. Join them for a hearty meal, good conversation, prayer, and a preview of each Sunday’s sermon
    • Tuesday at noon:  Mid-Town Men’s Study Group at R&M Engineering.  Join them as they study works on Christian growth and discipleship. Contact Mike Story, 723-2190, for more information
    • Monday at noon: Men’s Bible Study in Pastor Doug’s office. Join them for deep and lively study of God’s word.  Contact Doug at the church for more details